Global Business Initiatives, LLC -                                  Its All About Business!
Global business Initiatives LLC looks to excel as a professional intermediary and consultancy of the much under-served merger and acquisition sector for the middle market companies at the global and domestic level. These companies enjoy revenues in the $5 million to $500 million range and above. We help brokers in finding the right investors and buyers.  We also provide multiple strategic, practical and operational advisories as professional that tailor our efforts to the needs of each customer.
G.B.I. has relationships with various financial institutions and private equity firms that hold several billion dollar funds for investments, and acquisition.  GBIBiz works with clients in all industries, including the Manufacturing, technology, health, medical and  entertainment industries.
We strive hard to ensure that the expectations of our clients are fully met.  We commit ourselves to ensure that our clients, whether on the sell-side or buy-side, are positioned to achieve maximum results and that each transaction is structured to meet their objectives and exceed their dreams.
GBIBiz Group serves as the foundation for establishing a comprehensive GLOBAL investor division that reaches global clients seeking to acquire or sell. One of the prime goals of the group is to bring in the foreign investment groups to invest in the struggling US economy and on other side we help US investors to expand their horizon.
We assist the company owners in the middle market to sell their dreams with maximum returns. From business investment and brokerage to mergers and acquisitions; we are the business sale specialists. Please feel free to Contact Us. With Global Business Initiatives you will get world class service and an experience with a difference
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